Marie – Louise Aucher and psychophonie

BIEN DANS MA VOIX, BIEN DANS MA VIE. "Psychophony is a self-experiential path of vital harmony that uses, through the spoken and sung voice, the correspondences between Man, Sounds, Rhythms, the Word, patiently creating a personal synthesis of knowledge and balance." Marie-Louise Aucher Marie-Louise Aucher (1908-1994), was a French musician and singer. Since 1960

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🕉 BENNO MAX LESER-LASARIO 🕉Benno Max Leser-Lasario (1890-1920) was a medician that rediscovered the power of sounds and vibrations in the healing process.He suffered of a weak and sick body when he was a child and one day, while lying in bed in sufference, he was struck by a little child, who sang simple sounds

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