Voice of Plenty

Benno Max Leser-Lasario (1890-1920) was a physician who rediscovered the power of sounds and vibrations in the healing process.

He suffered from a weak and sick body when he was a child and one day, as he lay in bed in pain, he was struck by a small child, who sang simple sounds without any meaning, but seemed to feel joy and pleasure by listening to his own voice, entertaining himself in the quiet room. Benno tried to mimic the sounds the baby made, initiating research that would lead him to profound and original discoveries about vibrations.

He studied with passion and dedication the pronunciation of vowels and their influence on the health of the human body, giving rise to what has been called vocal therapy.

By analyzing the specific sounds of children and using oriental breathing practices, Lazario has developed a Sound Vocal Therapy based on vowels and mantras.


His therapeutic method combines breathing techniques with the pronunciation of particular sounds, whose vibration and resonance generate beneficial effects on the organs of the body. Therefore, the patient modulates the exhalation of air in a slow and pleasant way, pronouncing the vowel sounds; these sounds generate resonances in certain parts of the body that mobilize blood flow and, therefore, improve physical health.

Books by Benno Max Leser-Lasario:

– The Ten Commandments of Breathing (Frankfurt 1920)

– Original Vocal Gestures of Breathing Manual (2nd edition, B├╝dingen-Gettenbach, Weiser-Verlag of 1954)