Voice of Plenty

Singing, conceived with virtue, opportunity and intention, is almost nothing else than a spirit conceived just in you, before your spirit, and active now on you, now on who is next to you. Through singing, the spirit that flows abundantly from the imagination and at the same time from the heart, is more ardent and has more vigor in the movement, and in this way some diseases of the soul and body can sometimes be removed or caused, because such a musical spirit touches closely and acts on the spirit which is medium between body and soul and transmits its flow without intermediaries to both of them.

[Marsilio Ficino, Italian Philosopher, 1433-1499]


Ancient civilizations used to know all the secrets of Sound, that Physics is now re-descovering. 

Sanscrit was a language specifically created for vibrational purposes.

Mantras are not only words: mantras are first of all VIBRATIONS. 

A deep study was fulfilled by ancient and modern Yogis about Vowel and Voice Gestures, developing tongue and mouth positions, breath techniques and pranayama.

OM-Mantra is the symbol of union and connection to the One, because it is the Experience of Vibration itself. 

It should be than performed in the proper way, and the technique of vocalisation should be studied for years, as we nowdays study to sing at Music Schools or Academies.

Vocalisation, singing and voice can be studied and used for producing vibration resonance, harmonics that create shape and patterns (sound in-form, it gives the form to the energy) inside body tissues and cells, so that our own voice can fill our body, producing new energy flux, giving shape to our natural em field. Voice can even free fixed nodes and blocks of the energy, so that vital-weaves can flow without any obstacles through us. 



Human beings have an organic natural device for producing fine sounds: the vocal cords. 

The most intelligent and satisfying use that can be done intuitively of one’s vocal cords is singing. The singing exercise acts directly on the diaphragm, keeping our breathe deep and aware. Singing frees the diaphragm from tensions and contractions, and induces the body to a greater state of relaxation. Singing serves also to keep the lungs elastic, to regulate the inspiratory and expiratory rhythms according to one harmonic and orderly periodicity.

It has also been shown that singing is an extraordinary form of autoanalgesia.

There are many techniques in the ancient yoga practices, or in the ancient prayers (Gregorian chants, polyphony, two-tone harmonic chants of Tibetan monks, chants and litanies, murmurs, repetitions of mantras) to induce the mind to suspend its thinking and move towards contemplation and silence.

The vibration produced by phonation is able to reach all parts of our body. When they are purposely amplified by predefined architectures (as happened in the past in artificial caves, temples, cathedrals, theatres, halls and auditoriums), phonation and singing allow for a notable reduction, even to the point of completely removing, mental and physical contractures, inflammations , psychological stress and trauma.

Self-phonation is a decisive step to reunite with one’s own vital energy, since sound is the first step for creation. When we are unable to emit/perceive certain notes (frequencies) or when we are unable to discriminate the different pitches of sounds (sound confusion), there are energetic blocks caused by experiences of suffering, painful memories, isolation, shocks or unconscious repressions. Every child, in fact, perfectly intones and repeats a melody in a natural and spontaneous way. We are all in tune and there is no out of tune. Observing and knowing your own voice allows you to identify where our body has created blocks, preventing the sound from circulating freely, making cells, tissues and organs vibrate in a free and harmonious dance.

SOUND AND SINGING can bring new shapes, new points of view, new possibilities: and this is the real regeneration of mind and body.


Vibration can help in releasing painful mind states and moments of depression, anger, solitude, stress, because our voice can reconnect ourselves with something we lost: the connection with the immense Innerself, with the deep space-out-of-time that we are, where there are no fears, because only Love is.  

We belongs to the subtle substance of the Breath, we are not separated from other people, and Om-Mantra is still here nowadays to guide us towards freedom, guaranteed by millennia of scientific practices and research.

Giulia, Voice of Plenty