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Light on Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic fields (we will often use the abbreviation “EMF” in this article) in certain situations of maximum exposure and long times of exposures, certainly generate a modification of the central nervous system.

The factors that can determine a harmful effect depend on:

  • Environment in which we live (is it an environment that is particularly already subject to other types of atmospheric, chemical, sound pollution that generates stress in us?)
  • Lifestyle of the person (use and presence of bed emotions, low quality food, high level of stress stress, too low fitness and movement…)
  • Health situation: are we already vulnerable because of an illness?Amyotrophic lateral sclerosi (ALS), fibromyalgia, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries (PCO), cancer, diabets, high blood pressure, or any other chronic disease?

First of all: what does “electromagnetism” mean?

Nowadays we have 2 kinds of electromagnetic fiels that can be dangerous:

  • Natural EM = geodesic fields
  • Artificial EM = determined by artificial sources


We will discuss the first kind of EMF in another article. Let’s focus in this article about mobiles and their EMF.

Cell phones and cordless phones use radiofrequency radiation (RF) to send signals.

The signal normally emitted by a mobile phone in stand-by has a frequency of approximately 34–35 Hz.

However, when in communication the mobile phone’s frequency can amplify up to 290–300 Hz.

The nervous system is able to function even in the presence of electromagnetic fields with a frequency of up to 400 Hz, but the time factor of the exposure is decisive: if we spend a long time on the mobile phone, the body acts as an amplifier of the signal and overheating of the tissues occurs. The heat accumulates energy inside the body and modifies the atomic structure, that means that some atoms are electrified and excited (they accumulate a lot of energy), and they can leak out producing an ionizing radiation effect which can be very dangerous for our body.

What might the physical effects be?

Science is still studying all the symptoms, at the moment they are: chronic tiredness, insomnia, nervous fatigue, sudden muscle contractions and spasms, migraine, nosebleeds, confusion and dizziness, up to the most serious cases, when the radiation accumulates always in the same cellular tissues (for example due to the presence of a router in a bedroom, whose signal always hits the same area of the body for 8 hours every night) causing mutations that generate the appearance of tumors.


Cell phone shielding means limiting damage created by the cell phone battery, that is the main responsible of the emission of the EMF: yes, the battery is the source of the most dangerous EMF emitted by a cell phone (so can you imagine the risk of a Tesla Car, now?).


  • Never keep your phone near the body when you are charging it.
  • Never keep the phone in your hands while it is charging or while you are on a call (call mode consumes a lot of battery very fast) or when you are watching a video.
  • Keep the phone far from vital organs (head, heart, gentials, intestine, thyroid and throat, brest…).
  • Never keep the phone near bed at night.
  • Don’t put the wifi-router in the bed room. During nights, always turn off the router before going to sleep.
  • Never use bluetooth phones: these devices are just nearby your brain, please us a normal headphone or use the speaker, keeping the phone distant from your head.
  • Never keep the phone near your body in the gym (even with airplane mode).
  • Keep the phone far from vital organs (head, heart, gentials, intestine, thyroid and throat, brest…).
  • CHILDREN: their nervous system is the most vulnerable, it is still growing! Never give a phone to your child before its brain has completed its grow, so at least after 14 years. Around the first months of life (seven month), the rate of growth of total brain volume is maximum, reaching its peak during adolescence (around 12 years), coinciding with the maximum rate of growth in weight and height. While that of cortical thickness is maximum already at just 1.7 years.


Tech-home? Evaluate advantages and disadvantages

A proper release time of accumulated radiation is required everyday (at least during the night), if you are subjected to the continuous effects of artificial electromagnetic fields in your living spaces. Today, however, there are already some certfied ways to shield and protect yourself completely at least for a few hours a day, and the best moment is during the night, the moment in which our body is still and can be easily protected, so that organs can regenerate in the right way, and can release the accumulation of radiation faster. 


MY STORY: how I became aware of EMF pollution

I had sensitivity to electromagnetism for many years, during a long period in which I cured myself naturally of chronic inflammation (endometriosis). Thanks to my physics studies at university, I was able to intervene in time when the first symptoms appeared, studying and then purchasing the correct shielding. Discriminate the quality of materials, functioning of devices, and range of protection is really an important step when you need to purchase a device in this new field.

Some years ago, after numerous requests for help from numerous people, I decided to follow specific training courses in environmental and medical physics, and today I inform people as an individual consultant on geopathies and electromagnetic pollution.

In a rapidly changing world, we are called to keep our eyes and minds wide open! Technologies are not the cause of every problem, but lack of knowledge and passivity could be. That’s why the first way I help people is first and foremost through training and education through free webinars.

For info and request of help specifically about EMF sensitivity or geopathy please use this email: giulialivingwater@gmail.com

Please, visit  often my blog inside my website for other information. Water is a helpful tool for helping body to counteract to EMF pollution, you can find more info in my website, here you can find my first article about water and electricity: Physics of Water.

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Giulia Maria Miscioscia