Voice of Plenty

Contemplation: the way of mastering the internal life

A spiritual experience, is a personal experience of evolution and profound change or understanding (not mental of course).

It can happen following a trauma, the sudden death of a loved one, a profound state of physical or mental suffering, or a great joy, a privileged state of deep love, or it can take place following a conscious personal research, for example through the practice of prolonged silence.

In these states many different experiences can happen: visions, hearing of sounds, thermal sensations… and many others that really has no sense to name.

The invitation not to share these states is especially for people who are approaching exercises of internal development and spiritual experience: please, do not try to characterize them.


When the first experiences appear, it is important to try not to enclose them in something already known, but to practise the contemplation of the experience without interpreting and without judging, otherwise you risk giving up on knowing further and not proceeding further.

The same spiritual reality, if experienced by different people is different: since it is colored by the personal imprint, by the culture within which a person has developed, because we all tend to assimilate what we are experiencing with what is part of our knowledge.

It is important to stand out from the personality.

If we are able to experience a thought as a real internal force and not as the guise of something, as an energy that lives in us and takes on a reality and affects reality, we have arrived at the point where we can contemplate thought truly, and we experience ourselves as an internal subject.


The first exercise of fidelity is to consistently bring ourselves back to this way of living of the self and the life of the soul.

When you have your first experiences, you are not yet sufficiently prepared to recognize this reality.

So it is no useful talking a lot about what we seem to have seen/heard, because bringing attention to this experience prevents us from continuing further.

If we give a direction to the activity of the soul, we can return back to the inner center continuously, and this will allow us not to live anyore the experiences passively.

Giulia Maria Miscioscia