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Astrology is the Science of Time

I started the Astrological Counseling 10 years ago, after attending the 3 years School of Professor Marco Pesatori in Italy, with the background of a degree in Theoretical Physics at the University of Milan. As a scientist, my approch to Astrology is precise and I like to use the right terminology and methods, and respect the in-depth studies that the great astrologers of the past have passed on to us. I studied Renaissance Astrology, in particular.

Astrology is the science of time and the art of self-knowledge.

It was deveolped in remote age by wise ancient cultures as a dialogue between microcosmos (humans) and macrocosmos (heaven, planets and stars).

Before psychoanalysis, it was astrology

Astrology is a concrete and precise method that clarify how personality develops, and how to harmonize our spirit in the experience of life.

What happens when you read your horoscope or birth chart?

      • you reflect about who you are in a conscious and deep way through the use of archetypes,

      • you receive help about how to face great existential challenges, when the storm of life throws you into the abyss of suffering and confusion,

      • you can grasp the hidden nuances of your personality,

      • you start to disidentify from the most stubborn knots of the personality,

      • you lighten the automatic reactions of our personality that create friction and pain,

      • you develop acceptance and self-love,

      • you understand the occurrence of the internal and external events of your life,

      • you know better the great energies that move around us in the Macrocosm, the mirror of our inner Microcosm.

    What in the past they called “magic“, nowadays we call “electromagnetism“. What in the past they called “interconnection of beings“, today we call “entanglement“. There is nothing new, only new names and new trends.



    Who you are, and why you are here?

    The astrological Counseling is a unique tool for knowledge. The Archetypes of the Zodiac Signs guide you within ourselves as dancing stars, which illuminate your personality from every angle, helping you to recognize and integrate your talents and strengths, to identify your energetic knots and hot existential tensions. 

    Through the Astrological Reading you will delve into yourself, and you will let the Archetypes-functions operates: you meet the meaning of Time, Creation and Mind, and you discover the conditionings and patterns in which we locked yourself up. You raise your gaze to the sky and open your heart to freedom, so that it can connect and return to the Stars, and we prepare together to become more aware of choices and actions, to flow on the wave of the cosmic wind and wisdom with grace and resilience.


      • your birth date (day, month, year and hour)

      • your exact place of birth


      • an audio file of about 40min

      • your astrological chart 

      • some other images that can be useful for your understanding
      • a legend of symbols of planets and signs

    A new star is born: 

    special horoscope for new borns

    SPECIAL BIRTH-CHART CAN BE PREPARED FOR NEW BORN BABIES: this is actually the best use of astrology!

    In ancient times in India (and also nowadays) people used to wait 40 days before giving the name to their newborn. In that period the astrologist used to read the stars and prepare the birth chart for the baby. The name was then chosen after the astrolgical consultancy, for helping the soul to fullfill the dharma, inspiring the child towards the Good. 

    Astrology helps parents to understand the karma of their daughter or son, in order TO GUIDE THEM WITH LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE, understanding their needs and ways of expressions, so they can avoid to press and push the child towards something that does not belog to her/his destiny

    Gift a birth chart to someone who needs!

    Do you know someone who is stuck in depression, confusion and frustration? Please help them now!

    You can give a gift to your friends: this is a special opportunity to give a gift to someone you really love. An Astrological consultancy is a special kind of medicine: it is the medicine of self-awareness, that opens new perspectives and possibilites for life, and will help the person to meditate deeply on the present moment.

    You can send a coupon that will allow the person to receive the Astrological Reading & Consultancy.

    Giulia Maria Miscioscia has a degree in Theoretical Physics, with Studies in Quantum Physics and Theory of Chaos. She attended the International Academy of the astrologist and writer Marco Pesatori.