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Learning the physics of Water can be the shift to a new awareness for your body and soul.

Living water is the fastest and most powerful mean to bring changes to our states of consciousness, to bring purification and renewal. 

The studies of the last years of theoretical physics at University have led me to deepen the theories of Chaos and the mathematics of Vortices.

Since my studies in Mathematical Analysis, I have been fascinated by the differential equations of fluid dynamics and by rivers. Thanks to a friend who is a researcher of river morphodynamics, I was able to visit and meet the Tagliamento river in northeastern Italy, one of the few rivers in the world whose entire course has never been diverted by man with embankments, canals, etc. Tagliamento is the last free river of Europe. Other intact big rivers can be found only in New Zealand and they are just a few left.

Please, have a look about the appearance of a FREE RIVER in the following pictures.

free river has a loose and manifest creativity, it is never the same with each passing year, and it dances its life creating water energy that transforms into unique landscapes, and these landscapes and environmental ecosystems resonate with the energy of the river, and inspire a deep sense of freedom and peace to human hearts.

Rivers are fascinating dynamic systems on Earth

Some rivers meanders can form bends that migrate, reshape and have inner-bend bars. Other rivers form a complicated braided pattern of branches, islands and mid-channel bars. The study of their morphodynamics is a unique opportunity to approach the beauty of the laws of nature.


Most ancient cultures organized their lives in direct contact with living water, or at least transported it to their living places: all ancient villages, temples, monasteries, stupas, churches, mosques, and churches were built next to rivers or streams. Ancient cities had canals, or waterways, that did not stagnate, and running water was in contact with human beings during every activity. All ancient religious rituals are connected to water as the first stage of entry into sacred initiations: full baptism, ablutions in rivers, ablution at fountains, holy water, miraculous waters (Zam Zam Stream, Lourdes Streams…). The ancient structures that have been built by our ancestors to collect water and keep it alive with jumps, whirlpools, jet fountains and spiral canals are really impressive, and they demonstrate the advanced state of water knowledge present in ancient civilizations around the world. Water is the most important transporter of nourishment, both physical (in terms of metals in ionic form) and subtle (in terms of coherence domains and thus stability).

The water molecule, due to its sacred polar geometry, transports metals to every place in the body through the extracellular matrix (connective tissue/meridians), and it stabilizes by quantum information the body’s electromagnetic fields with those with which it has previously been in contact.

That’s why the presence of electromagnetic waves (wireless, chargers, cell phones etc.) radiating around us can lead to dysfunction and illness by destroying the natural electromagnetic field created by our body. To check what the prevailing state of confusion is, it is enough to go inside underground caves or caverns and observe how immediately the mind is clearer and more present, how vital energy increases and fatigue decreases, how the breath is free to expand inside the body, all without the need for yoga practices or specific breathing techniques, but simply by walking.

Water manages to keep itself alive when it is in spontaneous swirling motion (see Viktor Shauberger’s studies), following nonlinear, turbulent flows that keep water and metal molecules ionized and thus easily bioavailable to access through cell membranes.


I am available to help you understand what may be the best solution for you to obtain living water, an essential element for those beginning any yogic practice and any kind of healing process. Water is essential in fasting and in purification like SHANKA PRAKASH SALANA, but also in hydrocolotherapy or even the simple cleaning of the nostrils JALA NETI. 

I gives numerous lectures around the world about water, use of water in yoga practices, about ancient water physics and spirituality.

Nowdays there are many devices for support people to clean and recreate a living water, after the studies of Mr. Henri Coanda and Doctor Patrick Flanagan. 

If you live in a city, you need to filter your water for removing THM and chlorine, and then you need to re-activate your water through a process of multiple grafted eddies, or magnetism or electrolysis. If you use your private well, your water will still need to be activated.

Giulia Maria Miscioscia