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The teaching of Virgo in the practice of Chinese martial arts


The practice of tàijíquán as well as that of Chinese kung fu of many other schools, includes the slow and detailed repetition of each movement and the deep practice of each single posture.

Slow movement is a way of programming the body for the final practice, controlling every single step, every single movement, and the breath that accompanies them. The purpose is certainly not to control.

“The goal is not to control, but to do the right thing”.

For this reason we need to program our body for the right action through the slow repetition.

The informative vibration of conscience brought by the Virgo guides inside this awareness: the goal is not to control, but to do the thing you like, for this reason it is necessary to take care of every detail.

Many times it is told about the Virgo that they are rationals, that they are not spontaneous, or that they are restrained in their emotional expression, or they don’t like leaps and sentimental impetus, but this is simply because this things are not their target: their ultimate goal is the Right Action that brings to the Unity. 


The opposite of Virgo informative vibration is the one of Pisces (the last = the first Zodiac Sign), so for Virgo and for all the Zodiac Circle, Pisces energy is the target for reaching the completion, the union of all the parts, for painting the empty circle represented by the middle way of yoga and Buddha: neti neti, neither this nor those.

Virgo wants things to be connected, Virgo aim at the interconnection of all beings, that’s why they show that it is necessary to break the movement, it is necessary to dissect the movement.

Virgo teaches us to dissect in order to unite.


In social terms, Virgo teaches us that it is not possible to unite and create a community if we do not know deeply the single individuals who are inside it. You need to know the individuals, in order to have access to them.

This is a very important teaching for Aquarius.

If you want to connect to each individual, in order to reach the goal of Unity, then each individual must have the same relevance for you: you cannot always connect (emotionally, intellectually) only with the poor, or only with the rich, only with the thief or only with the beggar, only with the shaman or only with the priest.

All individuals must be of equal relevance if you want to connect to the One.

In martial practice the individuals in the body are: the heart, the lungs, the intestines, the brain, the legs, the fingers, the gaze, the breath… if you don’t have access to each of them there can’t be unit of movement.

You need to learn to see – to see movement where there is no movement.

In the static position there is the breath, there is the heartbeat, there is the relaxed part and the contracted part, there is the part that supports the weight and the relaxed part, there is the blood circulation that flows, and the blood that stagnates, there is the point of the body in precarious balance and the point resting well on the ground.

The Virgin teaches to see the invisible of microcosm, teaches  to find the detail of the practice, to live the practice in a profound, dedicated and loving way, which can never become superficial, because the search for detail is endless, as well as the One.

Reflections freely inspired by the teachings of Shi Heng Yi, Shaolin Temple Europe

Giulia Miscioscia