Voice of Plenty

Obsidian is a stone of volcanic origin, it is petrified volcanic lava, whose action is specific to the first and second chakras. It is therefore perfect for working on sexuality and relationships with other people, with money and with the Earth, to do a work of healing and activation of the uterus and the female genital system and to work with the vaginal and floor muscles. pelvic.
Its black color has the gift of cleaning, cutting, diluting, dissolving … for this reason it is perfect for removing and releasing: relationships, models, symptoms of the genital system. At the same time it catalyzes our relationship with darkness and with our unconscious.

Wet it with fresh water before and after use.
To allow it to discharge and energetically renew itself you can perform, choosing the times, one of the following forms of maintenance:
bury it for a night or two; it will thus feed on information from the land itself;
put it in a tub with water and sea salt, for a night in the light of the moon. The next day, withdraw it and rinse it with running water;
put it in a tub with water and menstrual blood (which you will collect by soaking cotton pads or with the menstrual cup); so you program it with all the information that your blood, your womb, your lineage, your body have.
The egg is your travel companion, for interior work, it is very personal; no one can touch it but you.
It is better not to leave it in contact with the light. You can keep it in a cotton bag, on your altar or in a drawer, as it is a stone that absorbs external energies a lot. It is important that it remains in its bag and away from cell phones, computers and electronic devices in general.

This described below is a possible cyclic method. However, the important thing is not to overdo it, rest and listen to your intuition a lot.
It is not used during the menstrual cycle. From the beginning of menstruation there are 7 days and on the eighth the egg is used, until the next menstruation; it would therefore be about 21 days of use. During these 21 days, every 6 days he rests 1. All this for 3 months, then he rests for a month and starts again.
In any case, I recommend that you rely on your intuition to decide when it’s time to start using it. If you find yourself in a very busy, stressful time, you can wait and postpone the treatment. Listen to the wisdom of your body. Each of us is a unique being.
Each time you introduce the egg into your vagina you can schedule it, give it a purpose, for example, weekly or monthly. For example working with a certain model of women in your family, a certain emotion or physical ailment, cleaning up some intimate relationship; what you feel.

The correct position to introduce it is sitting on the heels
It is placed with the tip of the egg facing downwards, to facilitate its exit.
Take some time to familiarize yourself with the egg. Place it at the entrance of the vagina, explore the size of the egg in relation to this entrance, try to insert it a little and then push it out by pushing with the muscles, thus beginning to understand how to exercise muscle strength, and gradually insert it more deeply.
To extract it, the ideal is not to use your fingers, but to force the pelvic floor muscles, as if you wanted to defecate. If you see that it doesn’t come out on the first try, don’t worry, rather try to relax as much as you can, breathe deeply so that the muscles of the vagina relax. The ideal is not to force it, maybe the egg needs to stay inside for more time, maybe hours, maybe days … it’s not a problem, it’s working inside you. If you see that he does not go out for several hours or days it is essential that you ask yourself:… what things do I have to free up in my life? For sure, when you can answer this question, the egg will rise!
It is important to remember that the egg cannot go anywhere, the cervix is too tight for the egg to pass.

The obsidian egg is used to strengthen the vaginal muscles, as a method to prevent and correct urinary incontinence problems, postpartum recovery, to improve the lubrication process and vaginal sensitivity, to increase sexual pleasure. It is introduced into the vagina, in the middle part of the canal and the vaginal muscles contract, which are transverse rings that compress the egg, accompanying everything with breathing.
The use of the stone egg to strengthen the muscles of the vagina is a practice that developed in ancient China. With the passage of time the knowledge of the secret of this exercise was reduced to the Royal Palace and it was taught only to the Queen and her concubines.
The women who mastered this technique enjoyed excellent health, keeping themselves young and beautiful and preserving in old age the sexual organs as tight and flexible as a damsel.
The exercise of the egg and weight lifting with the vagina was practiced to improve health, both physical and spiritual, because these exercises increase energy strength and raise sexual energy from the bottom up, where it is transformed into higher spiritual energy.

To help you introduce the egg easily, if necessary, use a lubricating cream or get yourself a vaginal lubrication, massaging the breasts, for example. Once introduced, adopt the Equestrian Position, with the feet separated at shoulder height and resting firmly on the ground, the ankles and knees curved, the spine aligned with the neck.

Isolate and contract the group of muscles that are activated to close the external orifice of the vagina. This will allow the egg to be retained inside.
Inhale and contract the muscles of the vaginal canal that are located immediately in front of the cervix, keeping the previous ones contracted. There is no need for strong contractions but this depends on the control that has been acquired of these muscles.
Now squeeze the egg in the central part of the vaginal canal until it is tight. Inhale and squeeze once more, gradually increasing the strength. When you feel you are holding the egg firmly, start moving it slowly upwards and then downwards. Start calmly, speeding up little by little, until you do it quickly.
Keeping the egg in the middle part of the vaginal canal, now move it from side to side, right and left. Insist until you dominate the exercise.
Bring the egg to the lowest section of the canal and repeat the previous exercise (right left) until you dominate it.

Over time, you can combine all the movements to your liking. To get good results, you need to repeat the exercises at least two or three times a week. To increase your spiritual evolution, you must start with a small egg, increasing the size with time and practice. You must get to have a sucking capacity such as to introduce the egg without the push of the fingers, as if you were sucking it.