Voice of Plenty

In Astrology the Moon represents our emotions, it is an important aspect of the birth chart that shows us a lot of how we are made. Knowing the mechanisms of our emotional responses helps us to control them and to frame them in an objective context, allowing us not to suffer or let ourselves be carried away.

In its extreme variability, the Moon manages to maintain a constant mystery, we have already seen it, we know it, but at the same time it is always new, never the same as before. Even the emotions that move in us are something known to experience but every time they surprise us and no strategy allows us to prevent their influence, as the Moon are fast and changing and arise in our inner sky coloring it with their light for everything. the expected time for their processing.

The emotions, although so close and evident, remain inscrutable, they offer us a very clear profile beyond which it is almost impossible to go, even with a rigorous introspective analysis it is difficult to look out on their hidden side. As with the never photographed dark side of the Moon, even with regard to emotions, no one can clearly see what are the instincts or deep convictions that give life to emotional responses. For this reason, philosophers recommend the control of passions, that is, continuous moderating intervention on the most obvious aspects of emotions, while the investigation of their root causes is neglected. True dominion over oneself, however, cannot be limited to imperturbability in the face of such a fascinating light. Those who really want to know each other must be able to decipher the mechanism that generates it.

Resisting the spell of the Moon is a great test that after being faced and overcome will have to give way to the awareness of the processes that formulate it. This awareness will eliminate any effort in our relationship with emotions and indeed will allow us to enjoy them without being subjected to them.

Pictures by Prof. Lucio Stanzani