Voice of Plenty

I have translated for all of us this beautiful speech by Baba Purnananda Bharti on Sadness as a teacher of profound knowledge.

Respect your Sadness, respect yourSelf.


“On the path of witnessing there is nothing to do, only to watch. Even when you listen to me, don’t put any meaning on it, just watch inside.
Sadness brings you very deep inside yourself. When sadness comes, feel lucky because you go more closer to yourself inside, only in sadness, not in happiness.
In sadness and in suffering both, you go more and more deeper inside. You come out of your mind.

Learn the art of living in sadness and in suffering. Every seeker must go through sadness, but don’t complain. Complaining only comes because you don’t want to be sad, and nature wants to bring you more deeper in sadhana so that you can touch your navel center.
You want sadness to go away, but don’t think it to go away rather then, accept it totally.
If something exists in nature why should it go away? As there is happiness, then also sadness exists. Sadness is very much helpful in meditation because when you are sad you disconnect from the outer world and you go inside yourself, touching your being.

If you accept it totally, it throws you directly to your navel center. Suffering comes because you fight with your mind, that you don’t want to be sad, you want to escape from sadness. If you totally accept it and watch it, being a witness to it, you will know this secret, that it brings you more deeper.
Meditation brings sadness, so that you can be free from everything in the outer world.
When you are sad you are very much closer to your center of being.
In happiness you go more further from your center.

When sadness comes live it, accept it and only watch it. Suffering comes if you fight with it.

Actually we don’t want to go deeper inside, we want to be outside.
In sadness your mind will not go here and there. You have to stand out of sadness and happiness too.

Don’t try to change anything just learn the art of watching. Be a watcher.”

Baba – 1st November 2020 in Indore

Images by Lucy Cambpell