The Obsidiana Egg-Pelvic Floor Gymnastics & Listening

Obsidian is a stone of volcanic origin, it is petrified volcanic lava, whose action is specific to the first and second chakras. It is therefore perfect for working on sexuality and relationships with other people, with money and with the Earth, to do a work of healing and activation of […]

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The Sundial of Bologna, ancient Italian technology

In the city of Bologna, ancient city of central Italy, inside the Basilica of San Petronio, there is the largest sundial in the world built inside a building.

The Basilica of San Petronio itself, the history of its construction and the works contained in it, deserve many observations, which I invite […]

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Introduction to Sacred Feminine – my Story

This research and testimony serves to promote for women suffering from CYSTITIS AND CHRONIC CANDIDA, POLYCISTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME (PCO), VULVODINIA, ENDOMETRIOSIS.

Today science says too little about these severe inflammatory states. The causes are not known nor clear, they cannot be cured, they are diagnosed late, sometimes too late. Many […]

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Bologna the secret clock hidden in the city

Bologna is a very ancient city.
Even today, walking through the streets at night you walk through time.
Only the rare buildings of the last century break the rythm in the midst of the organic development of medieval houses. Here history is still present, alive, it speaks a symbolic language that enters […]

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Leser Lasario and the Power of Sound

Benno Max Leser-Lasario (1890-1920) was a physician who rediscovered the power of sounds and vibrations in the healing process.

He suffered from a weak and sick body when he was a child and one day, as he lay in bed in pain, he was struck by a small child, who sang […]

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Marie-Louise Aucher and Psycophonie

“Psychophonie is a self-experiential path of vital harmony that uses, through the spoken and sung voice, the correspondences between Human-being, Sounds, Rhythms, Word, patiently creating a personal synthesis of knowledge and balance.” Marie-Louise Aucher

Marie-Louise Aucher (1908-1994), was a French musician and singer. Since 1960 the correspondence between the vibrations […]

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Baba talks about Sadness

I have translated for all of us this beautiful speech by Baba Purnananda Bharti on Sadness as a teacher of profound knowledge.

Respect your Sadness, respect yourSelf.


“On the path of witnessing there is nothing to do, only to watch. Even when you listen to me, don’t put any meaning on […]

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Princess Turandot, the secret of the name

The play, right from the title, focuses on the concept of the name. The name contains the history and identity of the person: the being and essence of the individual is concentrated in the name of a person.
As happens in the topos of magic, where those who know the name […]

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