Voice of Plenty is nothing and everything: it is a voice, a vibration, a breath, a witness.

It was born from the meeting of Lucio e Julia, tireless researchers, who have chosen since adolescence to investigate behind Maya’s veil of life. After their meeting, which took place in 2017, they combined their intentions and knowledge in a new common life project.

Lucio and Julia have gone through training and personal growth paths, traveling and observing social dynamics, individual movements and couple relationships for many years, with the desire to understand them and bring them to their maximum potential. Today, after their meeting and the fusion of their complementary energies yin and yang, they have decided to share their experiences with other spiritual researchers, creating Voice of Plenty, the Voice of Abundance.

Abundance, because life is always expressed in an abundant and varied way, inside and outside of us, through emotions, suffering, joy.
Abundance because the structure of the world and nature is fractal and the mind gets frightened and collapses in imagining the infinitely large and the infinitely small, outside and inside of us.
Abundance because there are abundant experiences that each of us will meet along his or her path, to grow and understand, and each experiential circle will realize the personal life flower.
Abundance because the search for abundance is a paradox theme (koen) that characterizes every true spiritual seeker.

“Mountains are just mountains

Before I had studied Zen for thirty years,
I saw mountains as mountains,
and waters as waters.
When I arrived at a more intimate knowledge,
I came to the point where I saw that mountains are not mountains,
and waters are not waters.
But now that I have got its very substance
I am at rest.
For it’s just that
I see mountains once again as mountains,
and waters once again as waters.

(Master Qingyuan, Compendium of the Five Lamps, 1252)”

“Filastrocca dei mutamenti (Parinama)

«Aiuto, sto cambiando!» disse il ghiaccio
«Sto diventando acqua, come faccio?
Acqua che fugge nel suo gocciolìo!
Ci sono gocce, non ci sono io!»
Ma il sole disse: «Calma i tuoi pensieri
Il mondo cambia, sotto i raggi miei
Tu tieniti ben stretto a ciò che eri
E poi lasciati andare a ciò che sei»
Quel ghiaccio diventò un fiume d’argento
Non ebbe più paura di cambiare
E un giorno disse: «Il sale che io sento
Mi dice che sto diventando mare
E mare sia. Perché ho capito, adesso
Non cambio in qualcos’altro, ma in me stesso.

(Bruno Tognolini)”

Existence is a sea full of waves. Ordinary people perceive only surface waves of this sea. Instead, let’s observe how, from the motionless depths of the sea, countless waves rise to the surface and then descend, while the deeper sea remains motionless and untouched by the waves. He who listens carefully to his breathing – the old monk Seraphim then said to him – is not far from God. Listen to those who lie on the edge of your exhalation. Listen to who is at the beginning of your inspiration.

(Jean-Yves Leloup, dal libro “L’Esicasmo”)”

“La natura completamente aperta di tutte le dimensioni e gli eventi è un arcobaleno che continuamente si ripresenta e a cui non ci si deve mai afferrare.

(Ode Mahamudra composta da Tilopa per Naropa)”

“A wise man said: since we don’t know how close the Truth is, we seek it far away, we are like the one who is in the midst of the water and asks imploring to drink.”

“It is precisely by abandoning everything that we return to possessing everything.”

“True nature is in its motionless essence and can however produce ten thousand things.”

(Hui-neng, sixth Zen patriarch)”

Julia and Lucio have chosen Sicily as a scenario in which they are realizing their life project, for its wild beauty still intact, for its natural and historical richness, for the mildness of the climate and the abundance that reigns in all its parts, and which is expressed in a luxuriant and generous nature. The first step was to generate a new sustainable lifestyle, returning to direct contact with the earth; their aim is self-producing one’s own food and relating to the territory, inspired by the values of permaculture.

Simultaneously Lucio and Julia have elaborated reflections and experiences that can propose paths of awareness, existential research, elaboration of pain and suffering, initiation to sexuality and preparation for death, for those who have always felt the deep thrust of a spiritual search . In their courses they offer a re-education to subtle listening, to the care, respect and strengthening of the body and mind, starting from a simple and natural diet (which uses local fruits and vegetables of ancient varieties, grown without the use of pesticides and therefore rich in vitamins and minerals), to the use of herbal medicine (essential oils and extracts of medicinal plants), to a daily practice of external and internal exploration through the Chinese martial arts (wushu and tai chi). Hatha yoga, the main way to reunite with the Purusha, the High Self, is the guideline for all these movements.

Julia and Lucio have been pursuing for many years an incessant study and revelation of the possible approaches to the world and to man (history, physics, western and eastern philosophy, psychology, sociology, mythology) with the desire to understand and update the ancient truths, and to contribute to their growth and diffusion. These rivers therefore find their confluence in an all-inclusive vision, in the name of syncretism, holism and multidisciplinarity.

Voice of Plenty aims to promote and spread a new lifestyle with the example and direct testimony that this is possible, and through the programming of courses and seminars dedicated to adults, teenagers and children, to start them to the inner transformation and to self-healing.
They are creatring contatcts all over the world with other researchers who share the same mission, drawing up a rainbow network of international relations, especially with Shergazy, today an alpine guide for the protection of Song-kul Lake and the culture of nomads shepherds in Kyrgyzstan.

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After studying Theoretical Physics at the University of Milan with a thesis in quantum mechanics, she graduated in Opera Singing, later specializing in Early Music, Renaissance & Baroque Singing with…..


ha studiato all’Alma Mater Studiorum di Bologna e alla Sapienza di Roma, dove si è formato per otto anni, nei quali ha conseguito la laurea in Filosofia Teoretica e Psicologia Cognitiva……




In questo spazio Lucio e Julia hanno il piacere di condividere con voi le foto e i ricordi più belli della vita a Voice of Plenty

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