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Sicily, Italy 7-14 SEP 2020

Languege: ENG

Everything that is manifest vibrates, and if it vibrates then it is bound to have sound, even if the human ear does not hear it. Sound is the root from where vibrations emerge. In the experience of stillness lies the beginning of sound.

OM rises from Pure Consciousness, which is primary and underlies all existence, constantly unfolding as our experience of the Universe.

Give yourself a week of retreat full of nature, music, mantra, sound healing workshops, hatha yoga, yoga nidra and delicious vegetarian fresch sicilian food, in the beautiful landscape and blue sea of South-East of Sicily.

Experience the ancient healing properties of Mantra and Nada Yoga – the yoga of sound and sacred chants. Shift and fade away emotional blockages, open your heart and clear your mind, slowly dissolving complusive thoughts and fears. Live and root yourself in the beauty and infinity abundance of the present moment. Tap into your creative expression, by experiencing the uplifting yoga practice of singing transformative specific mantras. Develop a regenerative vision for your life, and come away with the tools needed to hold and manifest that vision.

Giulia Vivekin will kindly sing for you and sing with you, exploring the power of vibration and helping you to discover the healing power of your own voice and its resonances inside your body.

Lucio and Giulia will drive you to discover wild Sicily spaces: hidden valleys crossed by crystalline rivers; huge beaches beaches beaten by the warm September wind; ancient and local Mediterranean history, full of wise forgotten knowledge.

Welcome in Sicily, the island at the centre of the Mediterranena sea, cradle of all cultures!


– pranayama, qi-gong, hatha yoga daily practise (mornings and evenings)

– mantra theory and chanting, illustration of bija mantras and sound healings techniques

– one individual sessions of sound healing during the week

– three ancient philosophy and mythology insights

– two excursions in hidden valleys, chanting and meditation in nature

– fresh vegetarian or vegan Km0-sicilian food

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