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Marie – Louise Aucher and psychophonie

BIEN DANS MA VOIX, BIEN DANS MA VIE. "Psychophony is a self-experiential path of vital harmony that uses, through the spoken and sung voice, the correspondences between Man, Sounds, Rhythms, the Word, patiently creating a personal synthesis of knowledge and balance." Marie-Louise Aucher Marie-Louise Aucher (1908-1994), was a French musician and singer. Since 1960

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🕉 BENNO MAX LESER-LASARIO 🕉Benno Max Leser-Lasario (1890-1920) was a medician that rediscovered the power of sounds and vibrations in the healing process.He suffered of a weak and sick body when he was a child and one day, while lying in bed in sufference, he was struck by a little child, who sang simple sounds

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Bologna – the clock hidden in the city

Bologna - the clock hidden in the city Bologna is an ancient city. Even today, walking through the streets at night you walk through time. Only the rare buildings of the last century break the rythm in the midst of the organic development of medieval houses. Here history is still

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