Hello everyone and welcome into this new year!

As perhaps many of you will know, the names and numbers, that we put on us and on things around us, are as real spells, no matter whether they are real, absolute or relative: since we “wear” them, we bring their energy. According to this principle, our proper name carries with it part of our destiny. It is the same for the names of the places, from which the Genius who lives there (Genius Loci in latin) derives some traits of his character, and, in the opposite way, the Genius himself contributes to the choice of the name through his influence.

This reciprocal interaction also develops in the owned or crossed numbers of our lives, and therefore also in the current year, regardless of which reference system is chosen to be adopted, and whether the chronology proposed within this system is correct or not.

Today IT IS 2020 because we say it, we read it and we repeat and repeat it, so that the formula has already been recited, we just have to become aware of the form in which this spell gives life.

There are many aspects of this issue that should be analyzed. It is made up of the numbers: 0, 00, 2, 22, 20, 4, 2020; each of them must be understood individually and subsequently in their mutual relations. Today I will limit myself to propose only the second part, namely the interpretation of the relationship of all these numbers between them.

2020 announces a very profound change, which gives birth to a new beginning; the possibilities of those who accept this change are unlimited and find a perfect balance in the immobility of those who reject it: in other words, they will come to the showdown, where everyone will reap what he has sown and not without great joys or pains. Duality will manifest itself more and more harshly in its two forms: that of union of opposites and that of opposition; we will therefore be increasingly driven to accept a new lifestyle based on brotherhood or sclerotized in the division and competition of the materialistic society.

Two other different experiences can be realized towards nature and the world: that of the union of matter and spirit or the bleak dryness of unbridled materialism. The concept that characterizes the year is the watershed: it will take its place within the speciation taking place on Earth, and this positioning will be both the result of what has been elaborated previously, and the result of a present choice.

The invitation is always towards positive thinking, but it is also good to warn against the danger that this issue presents us, that is, that of war, understood in its broad sense, but also literal; when the time comes, a clear decision will also have to be taken on how to live the personal and collective transformation (parinama).

1 + 1 = 1 (you and I are one)

I hope to meet you on my way.